About Us

Why OTL Advertising

Online advertising is important because it helps potential clients find you. Increasing your online presence changes the way your business is perceived by potential customers. For example, ranking high in search engine results pages like Google, Yahoo and bing, along with respected industry authorities, instantly boosts your business’ visibility and credibility (clients have to be able to find you).

Our Story

For over a decade OTL has worked with hundreds of companies. We’ve partnered with fortune 500 companies in Europe to Mom and Pop shops on Main Street.

The common denominator between large and small businesses is revenue. As a business you have to make money.

Regardless of your business, you have to be accessible to your clients. Online visibility brings new customers or clients to your business. OTL Advertising’s goal of enhanced internet presence is the process of creating a systematic, sustainable approach that can evolve with new trends and changes. OTL Advertising knows client accessibility and visibility = increased revenue!

Meet the Leadership Team

Michael McChesney


“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” ~ mb

With OTL Advertising from the beginning, Michael has helped build revenue for mega-big companies and mom and pop brands, while simultaneously being leader, mentor, and culture cultivator to the OTL Advertising family. Midwest born, with the accent to prove it, Michael was brought up in a tight-knit family with two competitive brothers and accepts no compromise between winning and having fun doing it. Precious family time with his wife and two kids spent exploring the vast richness of Midwest culture, cooking and squeezing in as much travel as they can!

Ryan Churchill

Vice President

“Always deliver more than expected.” ~ lp

Ryan is a straight shooter. He calls it a Southern thing. We call it a Ryan thing. “Be smart. Be sharp. Make it happen.” might be his favorite sentence. With the agency since 2009, Ryan has been an advocate for using OTL Advertising’s creative resources for good, supporting organizations to drive revenue. Ryan enjoys waking up with the sun on the water, pockets of free time are spent with his daughter cruising the beach on their bikes and adding marine life to their aquarium.