Death of Traditional Marketing

And what does this mean for you?

In July of this year Mcdonald’s announced Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) resigned and her role will not be directly replaced. Other companies experiencing similar changes are Uber and Johnson & Johnson. What does this mean for the marketing industry in 2019? 

Well a direct shift from traditional paper and video advertising has been happening for a while but it’s not until recently that the transition to full digital marketing is taking place. No longer are companies rolling out the same ad campaign across all channels nationwide. They’re breaking up the message and adjusting it depending on the market and demographic. This reduces the impact, and in need, of a central CMO. Instead the marketing decisions are going down the channel to local managers that allow for more customization of the message. 

Digital Marketing firms specialize in digital targeted messaging. Google and Social Media platforms allow companies to deliver more targeted ads to their customers for a lot less money. In the past “Main Street” wasn’t able to compete with “Wall Street” but that’s rapidly changing in the Digital Marketing era. 

What OTL is able to provide for their clients is a detailed, and targeted, ad campaign that rivals the larger companies of old. Contact us today and we’ll discuss your goals and what we can do for you. 



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