Black Friday SEO Tips

Are you ready for the busiest shopping day of the year?!

In 2018 Thanksgiving and Black Friday brought in over $10.1 Billion dollars in online sales and was a 28% increase over 2017 According to Forbes. Every year thousands of businesses like you wonder how to get a piece of the pie. This year we’re putting together some tips on how to put an effective Holiday SEO strategy into place. 

1. Optimize your site for Mobile traffic. Every year more and more online purchases are being done via mobile. For the first time the 2018 Black Friday season had more online mobile purchases (51.8%) than desktop.  

2. Make sure your mobile site is fast (or at least not slow!). Last year Google added page load speed to their search algorithm that punishes slow loading sites and rewards the fast ones with higher search results. 

3. Start early. Many larger retailers start black Friday deals early in November. 

4. Use retargeting, and abandoned cart, strategies. If a customer leaves your site the sale opportunity doesn’t end there. There are multiple apps that can be included into your site in order to retarget and get a second shot at converting the customer to a sale. 

5. Utilize your email listing to send targeted ads before the sale begins. This means optimizing your email list and making sure you build up your subscribers to maximize the result. Utilize a email marketing service (we can refer you) to test subject lines and optimize the emails. This is a science more than an art. 

6. On page visual cues. Update your website for the season and immediate inform your customers on what to expect with the sale. If “All Items are 50% off” let them know that right off the bat. Also create a specific targeted page for Black Friday deals that the cue links to. 

7. While there are many digital marketing options don’t forget the value of the old fashioned brick and mortar store. According CNBC, “Click and Collect purchases were up 73% YOY with stores like Target, Kohls, and Walmart taking advantage of these strategies.”




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