How Insurance Agents are incorporating Digital Marketing into their business plans.

Insurance sales are always based on relationships, right?!

This has been the mantra insurance agents have been preaching for decades. The reason their agency is different is that they’re your advisor and not just a pushy salesman. This is all well and great but in this new digital age people are used to logging on with a few clicks and walking away with a policy in under 5 minutes.

So just send more mailers, right?! No!

Insurance agents more than ever need to partner with a Pay Per Click (PPC) Ad Management company to develop a campaign based around the goals of the agent. All of the same sales techniques of the past can hold true but you need to get your message in front of the consumer in a way that matches the times and that means Digital Marketing.

One of the most important things when looking for paid ad management services is someone that will maximize your ad dollars. An ad targeting very common keywords such as “Insurance” or “Medicare Leads” will be expensive and very competitive. If your certified Google Ad firm, like On The Line Advertising, digs a little bit deeper you can narrow down the target. Long Keywords such as “Tampa Medicare Assistance” or “Upper Arlington Experienced Medicare Agency” will be less expensive and provide you a higher conversion rate once they get to your site.

Although there are a lot of new tools coming to the forefront there is still a need for personalized service and advice. The trick is staying competitive and making sure your message is getting delivered correctly through a custom PPC management campaign. Stop wasting your money and reach out to us today.

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