Pay Per Click (PPC) Digital Marketing Strategy Information

Pay Per Click Marketing, or PPC as it is commonly called, is a digital marketing strategy designed to drive traffic to a company’s website.

Instead of getting “organic” traffic to a website the site owner can use a Google Ad Words management agency to run a pay per click ad campaign which places ads on the top four results ad space on google. on the top of a search engines results.

A quick search on Google for “Local Insurance Agents” will first show ads paid for  by local companies. 

Once an ad is clicked on the company is charged a fee hence the pay per click. A well thought out strategy by a local ad management agency, with extensive experience in local markets, will pay for itself by driving new customers to your site.

For instance even a $5 click would be would be worth it if the result of the customer visiting your site was a $400 sale.

In order to create an effective PPC strategy there are a few important elements that must be considered:


Insurance Agent Keywords and Queries

The main components of an effective PPC strategy are Keywords and Queries. Queries are the actual words typed into a search engine and keywords are phrases and words that are connected to those search terms. For instance a query example might be “Plumber” and the corresponding keywords could be “Local Insurance Agents”, “Affordable Insurance Agents Near Me” etc. 

What a successful Digital Marketing campaign by a certified ad management company will do is identify the most searched for Keywords for their customers business and target those in the PPC campaign. The most popular search engine, Google, utilizes a program called Google Ads. Google Ads will then take into account the total $ they’re willing to pay and the structure of the ad to rank the most relevant ads for those keywords and queries.



PPC Ad Agency Management Services

Pay Per Click - Quality Score for Insurance Marketing

The first half of the PPC equation is a companies Quality Score. This is where Google takes into account the viability of their website, keywords and ads for a searchers query. A higher Quality Score can also drive down the total Cost Per Click and stretch a companies PPC budget. 


Local Insurance Agent Marketing - Cost per Click

Each Keyword phrase is ranked in popularity and frequency. Search Engines utilize that internal data to price the actual cost per click. For instance: a search for “Local Tampa Insurance Agents” would cost less per click than a search for “Insurance Agents”. At the onset of a PPC campaign OTL will work with the customer to determine a max cost per click that they’re willing to pay. This is the second half of what Google uses to determine what ads get placed where.