Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategies and Information

Search Engine Optimization has become the most important Marketing strategy of our time. It’s no longer good enough for a company to simply be on the line they must be first in the line. To get there more and more businesses are turning to an SEO Marketing Company. The issue comes down to the fact that most customers won’t go past the first page of search results on a major search engine. You could have the best product in the industry but if you’re not optimizing your web presence then you could get lost in the web. As the millennial generation ages, and there are less brick and mortar stores, SEO will become even more important.

SEO Ad Agency Management Services

Google, which accounts for 96% of search engine traffic, ranks pages by scanning them and comparing the information to an internal algorithm. While no one knows the exact algorithm google uses to rank pages there are a lot of tools available to get a website ranked higher. This is where a good digital marketing firm comes in. Developing a strategy around keywords, links, URL meta descriptions, mobile optimization, back links and content is core to making this work. This is heart of what SEO is. What we’ll do is help you hit as many of these factors as possible. 

A good digital marketing company should be able to demonstrate their work by providing reports that show your websites movement and the direct result of the marketing campaign. With a few simple questions a customer will also be able to calculate their ROI on the campaign.  

Companies that have adapted custom SEO strategies are currently at an extreme competitive advantage. In this digital world companies need to manage their message and target their customers through effective strategies. We’ll help you design that strategy.

Developing an SEO Strategy Example

Developing an effective SEO Strategy for Small Businesses or Large Businesses is effectively the same. Here we lay out some simple steps a insurance agent would use to develop an effective insurance digital marketing campaign:

  1. Identify the Core Products or Services of a business. In our example the agent wanted to base his insurance marketing plan around the following key services keywords: Auto Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, and Life Insurance.  
  2. What we did next was Identify, using SEO tools, the most searched for keywords, long tail keywords or Latent Semantic Keywords. Using our tools we were able to identify that there are over 1,000,000 searches for the insurance agents original keywords a day with 100+ insurance agents currently ranked and indexed in those search results. Remember we’re looking for the most cost effective marketing solutions with the highest rate of return. 
  3. Keeping that in mind our next step was to refine and target those keywords based on the products and services of the business. For instance it will be easier to rank, with less competition, for “Digital Marketing strategies for Insurance Agents in Upper Arlington, Ohio” than it would for just “Insurance Leads” or “SEO Insurance”. Google algorithms have become much more intelligent in the way it ranks and indexes websites with the intent to truely guide someone searching to exactly what they’re looking for. These long phrase keywords allow Google to do just that. 
  4. Finally we strategically insert these keywords into your website via content marketing like blogs, how-to videos or guides so when google scans your page it will identify them and increase your rank for those words. Focusing on increasing your websites ranking on pages that are very relevant to you but have less competition overall.
This in theory is a very simple but can take weeks of refining content and search words to increase your google rankings. An effective digital marketing firm will be able to show, via digital marketing reports, the results of their work and evolve the strategy over time. SEO is not a short term solution!