SEO for Insurance Agents and Brokers

Insurance Agency Marketing Plan for SEO & PPC

Marketing trends can alter at the drop of a hat. Strategies that exploded in popularity in past years are now being pushed aside for new innovations. With artificial intelligence, influencer marketing, and SEO dominating the online marketing space, it’s imperative for your business to be educated and prepared for upcoming shifts in marketing trends. In the insurance world these changes are no different.

Goal of an Insurance Marketing Campaign

The goal of any SEO campaign is to optimize their website rankings in search engine result pages which is the least expensive but most time consuming portion of insurance digital marketing. 

Creating, and optimizing content, can be time consuming for the most competent writer and awkward for the average insurance agent. However, this is a necessary evil to not only increase your Google rankings but to establish your site organically and compete with your competitors.


How to identify keywords for Insurance Marketing SEO

There are multiple tools insurance agents can utilize when developing an insurance marketing campaign. The most popular is Google’s Keyword Planner. Starting here with a few simple keywords, or phrases, allows an insurance agency to identify the volume and competition for keywords in Google. This allows the savvy marketer to develop an SEO campaign around these words and terms. For instance a broker looking to capitalize on an insurance companies new Enrollment System could come up with the following keywords and phrases:

  • Enrollment System
  • Enrollment Strategy
  • Worksite Benefits
  • Paperless Enrollment
  • Enrollment Subsidy

This next part is where some creativity is required. Google, and other search engines, constantly scan webpages to gather information to help people find what they’re looking for. An insurance agent will need to incorporate these keywords, and phrases, into their websites content in a way that’s organic and provides value. Some examples of this could be with blog postings, how-to videos, frequently asked questions etc.

Once Google picks up on the keywords it will help the websites rankings and be more popular in searches for those keywords. This is the core of an insurance marketing strategy but there are many more SEO tools that can be utilizes to help search engine rankings.

When it comes to Insurance Marketing Strategies SEO is, and will continue to be, a main driver of leads and business. As the average insurance consumer ages these marketing techniques will only become more and more important. The insurance agent without a SEO strategy will got lost in the search engine results…literally! Work with us in the mean time to maximize your web presence and Insurance Marketing Strategies. Also, check out the other side of the coin on our PPC Strategies for Insurance Agents and Brokers page.