Website Development

Custom Website Development

PPC and SEO campaigns won’t get you very far if you’re website isn’t set up to CONVERT! A conversion is when a customer comes to your site and they perform a valuable act such as purchasing an item or providing their information. Paying for PPC and SEO is great but if you’re website isn’t converting than you’re just wasting your marketing dollars. 

The industry uses the average conversion rate of 3% while top performers can typically get as high as 5%. There are many simple factors that increase conversion such as a call to action, providing free services, providing a guarantee, simplifying the purchase process etc. 

Creating a website is not a one and done process. An effective digital marketing campaign requires an ongoing audit of a website. Identifying where traffic is going to on the site and what links are being clicked. With this information the website can be tweaked to convert at an even higher rate. 

Many of the common  website development companies are Qix, WordPress, and GoDaddy. OTL is versed in creating sites on multiple platforms.